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Family-owned and operated; Encore Sprinkler Solutions have been offering dedicated services to residential and commercial projects since 1988.

With our best-in-class experience, knowledge, and trust, we can handle all your irrigation and landscape needs.

Started the company with a father-son duo, and now we are working with a team of experienced professionals to ensure expert installations, swift repairs, and meticulous maintenance. Our mission is to provide the most reliable and extraordinary service experience to our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Encore Sprinkler Solutions is a full-service company focusing on the installation, repair, maintenance, and upgrades of commercial and residential sprinkler systems.
With the most advanced systems and best quality products and equipment, we offer a range of services, including irrigation systems, lighting, drainage solutions, and more. Our dedicated team will show in a service truck and professional uniforms to give you the best system and service.
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Sprinkler Installation

We are a licensed service provider to design and install an efficient sprinkler system using top-quality components.

Repairing sprinkler

Sprinkler Repairs

We believe in using high-quality products and services to keep your sprinklers up and running at an affordable price.

sprinkler maintenance

Sprinkler Maintenance

Our regular maintenance plan involves seasonal check-ups and upkeep of the sprinkler system and outdoor spaces year-round.

Area drain Installation

Area Drain Installation

We ensure that your area drain is installed properly to protect your landscaping from flooding and other issues.

Landscape lighting repair

Landscape Lighting Repair

Our experienced technicians can help you take care of all aspects of outdoor lighting, from installation to troubleshooting.

Modification of irrigation system

Modification of Existing Irrigation System

Our professionals will do a thorough inspection of your landscape and sprinkler system and recommend modifications to reduce your energy and water costs.

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Sprinkler Maintenance

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Sprinkler System Upgrades

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What Our Clients Say



Why install a sprinkler system on my lawn?

A sprinkler system is the most efficient way to water your lawn. Along with lawn care, it also helps in pruning and cleaning of the lawn. Installing a sprinkler system is a long-term investment to save water, time, and money while improving the equity of your property.

What is the cost of a new sprinkler system?

The price of the sprinkler system varies upon various factors such as size of the property, sprinkler design and type of landscaping. Our professionals will design a cost-effective yet effective system to meet your custom needs.

Does a sprinkler system save time?

Yes, it saves a lot of your valuable time. The sprinkler system will water your lawn even when you are away from home.

Will a sprinkler system use more water than my current water usage?

No, in fact it will conserve water. With sprinkler system installation, you will not need to worry about over-watering your lawn or wasting water when you forget to turn off the hose.

How long does sprinkler installation take?

Usually, sprinkler system installation takes 3-4 hours depending on the type of job. Most installations are completed on the same day.

How often should sprinklers run?

It is essential to run the sprinkler system for at least 10 minutes per week or as long as it takes to apply a half inch of water to the lawn. However, you should set your controller sprinkler run time according to the different seasons.

How does a professionally installed sprinkler system save me money?

You can save significantly on your water bill with an automatic sprinkler system. It is a great way to save money on water usage as it conserves water and saves a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Which type of sprinkler system is best for me?

At Encore Sprinkler Solutions, we conduct a thorough investigation of your property and consider key factors such as source of water, type of soil, weather conditions, and planting materials. This information will be used to design a specific sprinkler system according to your landscape needs.

Why should residential homeowners care about irrigation management?

As water is a limited resource, poor irrigation management can have a negative impact on the environment. The more water we use for irrigation, the less water is available for alternate uses. If you invest in irrigation management, you will have a beautiful and green lawn, better landscaping, and reduced water bill. 

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